2023 Senior Division Project Gallery

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2023 Senior Division Projects

Project Number Project Title Student Name
S-ENEV-001 Evaluating Moringa Oleifera in an f-sand Filter Along with Solar Disinfection for Drinking Water and its Adaptability in the Point-of-Use Setting Taveras, Emily
S-ENMC-001 CFD Analysis of Various Lengths of Front Splitters on Drag and Lift Coefficients of an Early 1990s Sedan Sonakya, Rohan
S-ENMC-002 Interaction of an angled finite-span synthetic jet with a steady vortex Mertzlufft, Lilly
S-MATH-001 A Study of The Gender Pay Gap in U.S. with Data Analysis and Machine Learning Shi, Xiang
S-MATH-002 An Improvement on the AM-GM inequality Shen, Harry
S-PHYS-001 Mysteries of the moon: Mineral composition of craters and volcanic mounds Milla, Madison
S-PHYS-002 A Block Self-Dual Renormalization Group Procedure for the 1-D Quasi-Periodically Driven Ising Model Zweig, Solomon
S-PHYS-003 determining the probability of potentially habitable Exoplanets discovered by the tESS mission Pugliese, Nicholas
S-PHYS-004 A comparative analysis Of the granulocyte Concentration in the blood of humans, monkeys, and dogs through time after acute irradiation Henry, Kate
S-PHYS-005 Investigating the Effect of Shoe-Surface Interaction on Traction; Analyzing Different Athletic Playing Surfaces Using Footwear With a Possible Correlation to Non-Contact Injuries to the Lower Extremity Doyle, Dominick
S-PHYS-006 N-body simulation of a binary dwarf Galaxy infall Stuhlman, Jack
S-ROBO-001 Novel Supervised High-Resolution Neural Networks For Speech Emotion Recognition Muppidi, Akshay
S-ROBO-002 The Effects of Automated Parameter Selection in Cohort Intelligence – A Self-Adaptive Learning Behavior Sathiyamoorthy, Ashok
S-ROBO-003 Smart Medication Dispense System Leung, Arthur
S-SOFT-001T The Rebalancing Act: A Geographical Community-based approach to computational gerrymandering analysis Khare, Arin
S-SOFT-001T The Rebalancing Act: A Geographical Community-Based Approach to Computational Gerrymandering Analysis Lian, James