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2023 Senior Division Projects

Project Number Project Title Student Name
S-ANIM-001 Lowering Fel D1 in Cats in order to Reduce Effects of Allergens Amir, Anum
S-ANIM-002 Sexual selective behavior of Parhyale hawaiensis: A study comparing mate selection of males based on mate colouration LaRock, Honora
S-BEHA-001 The Effect of second language exposure on cultural tolerance Bundy, Abby
S-BEHA-002 Breaking the Concrete Ceiling: Evidence from a Natural Experiment to examine the Gender Effect on Higher Education Leadership Wu, Allison
S-BEHA-003 How Academic Stress Can Affect the Development of Acne Vulgaris in Adolescents Lee, Julia
S-BEHA-004 Growing Up: The Correlation Between adverse childhood experiences and parenting styles Gleeson, Adriana
S-BEHA-005 An investigation into the relationship between cognitive abilities and the theoretical accuracy of a prompted second move choice in tic-tac-toe measured by the trail-making test Shakow, Matthew
S-BEHA-006 Comparing the Rates of Anxiety in Common Everyday Scenarios in Alzheimer’s Patients and Canine Cognitive Dysfunction Patients Rogozinski, Isabella
S-BEHA-007 The Relationship between Generation and Environmental Awareness, Sustainable Consumption and Practice Siebeneck, Madeline
S-BEHA-008 The Rate and Accuracy of Self-Diagnosis of Depression as affected by the COVID-19 Pandemic Miller, Olivia
S-BEHA-009 Effectiveness of an iPhone Digital Art Activity on Reducing Perceived Stress Levels in Healthcare Workers Calub, Jamie
S-BEHA-010 A Correlation Between Sleep Duration and anxiety in a group of high school juniors Koenig, Emily
S-BEHA-011 A Multiple Case Study of the commonalities that influence people to do food justice work and how these commonalities relate to food insecurity Ibrahim, Salma
S-BEHA-012 How Moral Injury Impacts Psychogenic Non-epileptic Seizures (PNES) in U.S. Combat Veterans Connolly, Abigail
S-BEHA-013 Ready or Not: An Analysis of Consumer Acceptance of Electric Vehicles Compani, Owen
S-BEHA-014 Variation in deception Detection Between Different Types of Questions in Adolescent Females Regan-Boerner, Katelyn
S-BEHA-015 The effect of the big 5 personality traits on physical activity among adults Fernandes, Leanne
S-BEHA-016 When to teach intellectual Humility? An investigation into high school and middle school students Anton, Daniel
S-BEHA-017 Predicting 12-month Vocalization Frequency from 4-Month Vocalization Frequency Gawad, Sanvi
S-BEHA-018 Evaluating Partisan Gerrymandering Within United States Congressional Districts Baker, Jacob
S-BMED-001 Assessing The Infection Rate of Otitis Externa In Patients Who Swam In Chlorine Treated Waters of Natural Lakewater Kaminskiy, Anthony
S-BMED-002 The Relationship Between Sex Differences and Lower Body Negative Pressure with Very Short-Term Blood Pressure Variability with Acute Oral Capsaicin in Humans Herzog, Grace
S-BMED-003 The Effect of Acute Stressors on the Mushroom Body Health of Drosophila Melanogaster Rock, Natalie
S-BMED-004 The Association Between Vitamin D, Overweight Status and Depression: A Retrospective Study Gillani, Maha
S-BMED-005 The Effect of Different Genres of Music on Tics in Tourette’s Syndrome Subjects Miriyapalli, Visakhi
S-BMED-006 A Comparative Analysis of Microbial pathways in crohn’s disease patients with severe vs non-severe symptoms Marino, Alaina
S-BMED-007 A Multifaceted Approach to Determine the Therapeutic Efficacy of ventral Pallidum deep brain stimulation for Epilepsy Bonesteel, Carsyn
S-BMED-008 The pathogenesis of Friedreich’s Ataxia using the Proteomic analysis of dRG Khan, Hafsa
S-BMED-009 The effects of acute beetroot juice ingestion on jumping ability, upper body muscular strength, and cardiorespiratory endurance on frequently training high school athletes: A double-blind randomized crossover Staunton, Logan
S-BMED-011 The effect of traumatic brain injury on aversive taste learning in CS and FMR1 Mutant Drosophila melanogaster Herzog, Sophia
S-BMED-012 iron Deficiency in Heart Failure – A Quality Improvement project Mackey, Makayla
S-CBIO-001 Nuclei Segmentation for Cancer Detection in Prostate Cells using UNET architecture Gusain, Hridaanshu
S-CBIO-002 Resource- Explicit Interaction Models for Spatial Populations Chae, Bryan
S-CELL-001 The Presence of Peripheral Biomarkers of ACL Injury and Recovery in Cadets Attending the United States Military Academy at West Point Whitfield, Audrey
S-CELL-002 Comparison of intrabody-mediated mutant Huntington (mHtt) protein degradation via the ODC degron pathway vs. the CL1 degron pathway Fan, Jerry
S-CELL-003 Assessing the contribution of Individual binding domains in scFv-tau interactions Verma, Shivangi
S-CELL-004 FGF2 Discs in media to produce quality induced pluripotent stem cell cultures Tennyson, Samantha
S-CELL-005 The Efficacy of Tetramethylammonium Chloride and BioStab PCR Optimizer as Proposed Treatments for the Elimination of PCR Mediated Recombination in Unintegrated HIV-1 pDNA Hardesty, Castine
S-CHEM-001 TiO2 Degradation of β-Carboline Ballesteros, Noah
S-EAEV-002 The Calm Before the Storm: The Effects of Sea Surface Temperature on Hurricane Precipitation and Storm Surge Palmer, Margaret
S-EAEV-003 The Effects of Glyphosate and Roundup on Behavior and Replication in Brown Planarians Graves, Lana
S-EAEV-004 The Effects of Environmentally Realistic Concentrations of Caffeine on the Bioindicator Tetrahymena, and Testing of Caffeine in Local Waters Booth, Zachary
S-EGSD-001 Developing Sustainable Water and Electricity for impoverished regions using algae-based bio-photovoltaics Choi, Dorothy
S-EGSD-002 Effectiveness of the use of aerogels in thermal collection Kim, Hyunseo (Eric)
S-EGSD-003 Ventilation-based variable conductance approach for residential cooling energy reduction Utturkar, Simran
S-ENBM-001 Viability of external reading of a flexible sphere’s internal fluid pressure and its application in measuring IOP Jacob, Tarun
S-ENEV-001 Evaluating Moringa Oleifera in an f-sand Filter Along with Solar Disinfection for Drinking Water and its Adaptability in the Point-of-Use Setting Taveras, Emily
S-ENMC-001 CFD Analysis of Various Lengths of Front Splitters on Drag and Lift Coefficients of an Early 1990s Sedan Sonakya, Rohan
S-ENMC-002 Interaction of an angled finite-span synthetic jet with a steady vortex Mertzlufft, Lilly
S-MATH-001 A Study of The Gender Pay Gap in U.S. with Data Analysis and Machine Learning Shi, Xiang
S-MATH-002 An Improvement on the AM-GM inequality Shen, Harry
S-MATS-001 Effects of various emulsification agents in fat emulsions for plant-based meat analogs Lee, Gia
S-MATS-002 Chemical segregation measurements in photoresists Patel, Gia
S-PHYS-001 Mysteries of the moon: Mineral composition of craters and volcanic mounds Milla, Madison
S-PHYS-002 A Block Self-Dual Renormalization Group Procedure for the 1-D Quasi-Periodically Driven Ising Model Zweig, Solomon
S-PHYS-003 determining the probability of potentially habitable Exoplanets discovered by the tESS mission Pugliese, Nicholas
S-PHYS-004 A comparative analysis Of the granulocyte Concentration in the blood of humans, monkeys, and dogs through time after acute irradiation Henry, Kate
S-PHYS-005 Investigating the Effect of Shoe-Surface Interaction on Traction; Analyzing Different Athletic Playing Surfaces Using Footwear With a Possible Correlation to Non-Contact Injuries to the Lower Extremity Doyle, Dominick
S-PHYS-006 N-body simulation of a binary dwarf Galaxy infall Stuhlman, Jack
S-PLNT-001 Getting to the Root: the effects of iron and light on avicennia germinans in drought Yohannan, Janice
S-PLNT-002 Effectiveness of Soil sorbent Modifications and Soybeans on N-EtFOSAA Transformation Kotkoskie, Anya
S-ROBO-001 Novel Supervised High-Resolution Neural Networks For Speech Emotion Recognition Muppidi, Akshay
S-ROBO-002 The Effects of Automated Parameter Selection in Cohort Intelligence – A Self-Adaptive Learning Behavior Sathiyamoorthy, Ashok
S-ROBO-003 Smart Medication Dispense System Leung, Arthur
S-SOFT-001T The Rebalancing Act: A Geographical Community-based approach to computational gerrymandering analysis Khare, Arin
S-SOFT-001T The Rebalancing Act: A Geographical Community-Based Approach to Computational Gerrymandering Analysis Lian, James
S-TMED-001 Inclusiveness Achieves More: Clinical Trial Diversity in Oncology and the state of the Post Marketing Requirements and commitments Crai, Kayla