ISEF Awardees Junior Division – 2019

American Meteorological Society

Annika Robin, Shaker Jr. HS
Project Title: Insulating Qualities of Various Materials

Association of Women Geoscientists

Shivangi Verma, Shaker Jr. HS
Project Title: What Material is Most Resistant to Liquefaction?

Broadcom Masters

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Lemelson Early Inventor Prize

Aditi Agni, Shaker Jr. HS
Project Title: Are storm drains effective in keeping the oceans trash free?

S Air Force and Reserve

Lilla Korniss
Project Title: How do different colors of light affect mint growth?

Daniel Jung
Project Title: Creating fractals using Python Turtle and exploring fractal utilization

US Navy

Priya Musuku, Shaker Jr H

Aidan Jones, Greenwich MS
Project Title: Saving Lives, One Planaria at a Time. Does Supplemental Collagen have an Effect on the Rate of Planarian Eyespot Regrowth?

Teagan Wright, Greenwich MS
Project Title: Down to the Wire