Regional Awardees Junior Division – 2019

Albany Molecular Research

Alexander Do, LaSalle Institute
Project Title: Can Ultraviolet Light Affect Bacterial Growth

American Society for Microbiology (ASM) Eastern Branch

Caleb Mattey, LaSalle Institute
Project Title: Do Inexpensive Restaurants Have More Bacteria Than Expensive Restaurants?

Cullen Blake/Deena Mousa Excellence Award

Maeve Kelleher, Greenwich MS
Project Title: Exercise the Body and Exercise the Brain… Crayfish Style!

Momentive Performance Materials

Grace McFarren, Greenwich MS
Project Title: A Sticky Situation: The Effect of Surfaces Painted With Superhydrophobic Coating on Zebra Mussel Adhesion

National Association of Biology Teachers (NABT)

Eli Strasswimmer, Caroline Kelly, Greenwich MS
Project Title: The Effect Of Number Of Refills In A Plastic Water Bottle On Bacteria Build Up

National Grid

Zachary Boucher, Brian Warncke, LaSalle MS
Project Title: Is Natural Insulation As Good As Traditional Fiberglass Insulation

Nuclear Society

Steven Sadek, Shaker Jr. HS
Project Title: How can we use multiple sources of sustainable energy to power a home or business regardless of the climate conditions?

Price Chopper Golub Foundation

Jessica Newell, Greenwich MS
Project Title: Tooti Frooti: The Effect of Freezing on Fruit Contents


Catharine Abate, Greenwich MS
Project Title: The Effect of Cannabidiol on Daphnia Magna Heartbeats

SI Group Award

Toby Zheng, Shaker Jr. HS
Project Title: Cleaning Oxidized Copper using Household Materials

STANYS Eleanor Miller Reed Science Research Award

Antonia Levitas, Greenwich MS
Project Title: The Effect of a Soccer Ball’s Spin on Distance and Speed in a Throw In