2023 Senior Division Project Gallery

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2023 Senior Division Projects

Project Number Project Title Student Name
S-BEHA-001 The Effect of second language exposure on cultural tolerance Bundy, Abby
S-BEHA-002 Breaking the Concrete Ceiling: Evidence from a Natural Experiment to examine the Gender Effect on Higher Education Leadership Wu, Allison
S-BEHA-003 How Academic Stress Can Affect the Development of Acne Vulgaris in Adolescents Lee, Julia
S-BEHA-004 Growing Up: The Correlation Between adverse childhood experiences and parenting styles Gleeson, Adriana
S-BEHA-005 An investigation into the relationship between cognitive abilities and the theoretical accuracy of a prompted second move choice in tic-tac-toe measured by the trail-making test Shakow, Matthew
S-BEHA-006 Comparing the Rates of Anxiety in Common Everyday Scenarios in Alzheimer’s Patients and Canine Cognitive Dysfunction Patients Rogozinski, Isabella
S-BEHA-007 The Relationship between Generation and Environmental Awareness, Sustainable Consumption and Practice Siebeneck, Madeline
S-BEHA-008 The Rate and Accuracy of Self-Diagnosis of Depression as affected by the COVID-19 Pandemic Miller, Olivia
S-BEHA-009 Effectiveness of an iPhone Digital Art Activity on Reducing Perceived Stress Levels in Healthcare Workers Calub, Jamie
S-BEHA-010 A Correlation Between Sleep Duration and anxiety in a group of high school juniors Koenig, Emily
S-BEHA-011 A Multiple Case Study of the commonalities that influence people to do food justice work and how these commonalities relate to food insecurity Ibrahim, Salma
S-BEHA-012 How Moral Injury Impacts Psychogenic Non-epileptic Seizures (PNES) in U.S. Combat Veterans Connolly, Abigail
S-BEHA-013 Ready or Not: An Analysis of Consumer Acceptance of Electric Vehicles Compani, Owen
S-BEHA-014 Variation in deception Detection Between Different Types of Questions in Adolescent Females Regan-Boerner, Katelyn
S-BEHA-015 The effect of the big 5 personality traits on physical activity among adults Fernandes, Leanne
S-BEHA-016 When to teach intellectual Humility? An investigation into high school and middle school students Anton, Daniel
S-BEHA-017 Predicting 12-month Vocalization Frequency from 4-Month Vocalization Frequency Gawad, Sanvi
S-BEHA-018 Evaluating Partisan Gerrymandering Within United States Congressional Districts Baker, Jacob