Science Buddies

Here is a description of what students can find on the Science Buddies website.

Science Buddies empowers students from all walks of life to help themselves and each other develop a love of science and an understanding of the scientific method. Our innovative online tools and programs encourage, acknowledge, and reward student research projects, and aim to increase science fair participation.

Some of our unique online tools include:

Topic Selection Wizard
This is an online survey that helps students narrow down a scientific area of interest for their science fair project. In addition, the Wizard provides students with a series of sample projects in each of the categories. This is a unique tool that we have developed. We continue to receive positive feedback from parents, students, and teachers who have used this tool, saying that it has been a tremendous help to students at one of the most difficult points of the project –selecting a topic.

Science Fair Project Guide
A detailed step by step guide on how to do a science fair project. Starting with a brief introduction to the scientific method, this guide walks students through each step of completing a project, from picking a topic and developing a research plan to setting up the display board. For each step, we offer students a detailed explanation, examples, plus a “grading yourself” section that enables students to self evaluate their work.

Ask an Expert Forum
For those students who have tried everything and simply cannot find the answer to a question on their science project, we have developed a free online forum, staffed by volunteer science professionals, where students can get answers to their questions in any area of science.