ISEF Connect

Just For Students Doing Science Research

Join a type of MySpace for students interested in science and engineering and who have participated in science fairs such as the International Science and Engineering Fair.

Visit the site:

What is ISEF Connect all about?

This social network was created because Intel recognized that there are very limited opportunities to remain connected with past ISEF finalists search out and connect with future ISEF finalists.
Who is ISEF Connect for?This social network is exclusively for young scientists—including everyone from H.S. fair winners to undergraduates in scientific programs.

Who is behind ISEF Connect?

The concept was developed by Intel, Title Sponsor of the International Science and Engineering Fair. It is being moderated by the Seed Media Group, the same people who brought you the volcano in 2007 ISEF.

What can I do on ISEF Connect?

This social network was designed to help young scientists find ways to grow their community, as well as learn more about ISEF process in general.

What else can I find on ISEF Connect?

• A Project Browser, to browse winning projects from the past
• An international map, to see the range of finalists who have attended ISEF
• Audio and Video content created by and for students

Is ISEF Connect free? How does it make money?

Yes, this network is foremost a free resource for young scientists. There are no plans to monetize this social network; finding will be provided by Intel’s corporate sponsorship charter.

What is the best way to get started?

Building up your personal profile is a good beginning. Your registration information will tell other members a little about yourself, but they’ll be able to learn a lot more once you’ve provided more details about your projects and interests. You can also use your profile to present images and files relating to your life both inside and outside the scientific community.

Who owns the information I post on ISEF Connect?

You do. We will never share or sell he personal information you enter on the social network with anyone else. You also own all of the information and materials you contribute to this network, anyone else. You also own all of the information and materials you contribute to this network, and we will never use this information, outside of where you’ve submit it to the site, without your explicit consent.

I’m having trouble getting started on ISEF Connect—what can I do?

We have posted a ‘Getting Started’ screencast to help streamline your introduction to the community. It has technical tips and speaks a little about common activities and community standards. If you’re continuing to experience issues, please contact the forum moderator, ‘isefmoderator.’

This is an interesting idea, but what if I don’t see any of the tools I need?

Please browse our compilation of other resources—online and offline resources to help you connect with today’s generation of the scientifically minded.