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Rogan Kelly

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Blooming Algae : The Effect of organic fertilizer on algae growth

School: Greenwich Central School District

Division: Junior Division (Grades 6-8)

Category: PLNT – Plant Sciences

Project Number: J-PLNT-001T

Room Number: Sage Hallway – 5th Floor           

Abstract https://www.gcrsef.org/wp-content/uploads/formidable/13/APznzaYm-MwbMvDYEfK_PD1e83IAfqON4G8wSN9Outh32tfPe-Y74hOddGP_a9Sm9GnPLAh-JzPvdX7VgrfL2F2zKvMp8E76.pdf 

Research Paper https://www.gcrsef.org/wp-content/uploads/formidable/13/Rogan-Kelly-2022-Research-Plan-Google-Docs.pdf

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